Pharmakey Services

Market access and analytical models

Pharmakey prepares analytical models that help selecting the most efficient market access scenario for pharmaceutical producers, entering Russian market. These models are based on market audits data, parameters provided by the Client and publically available statistical and economical data.

The service is particularly demanded by pharmaceutical producers looking for geographical expansion to Russia and ex-CIS countries

Business analytics outsourcing

Pharmakey processes data received from drugstores, pharmacy chains, distributors and local datasources in Client’s organization (CRM, DWH and ERP systems). Those data are transformed, cleaned and verified by Pharmakey production team.

Business-analysts of Pharmakey prepare interactive analytical reports based on the requriements of the Client. Reports are used in daily activity by KAMs, BU and Regional managers, TOP-management (read more…)

Stock management

Based on the data of sales volumes and stock levels within a distribution chain, Pharmakey helps a pharmaceutical producer to forecast the demand and required lot size for the production on the SKU level. The service is executed in collaboration with leading analytical software provider and experienced data scientists

Our team

Management Team

Nicola Milevcic

Nikola Milevcic, MD

  • 30 years of experience in Russian market and 22 years in Pharma industry
  • General Manager position in 4 multinationl pharma producers and in IMS Health Russia and CIS countries
  • Performed several successful projects of commercial model development and field-force optimization
  • Interestsed in marketing excellence, start-ups
Dmitriy Razumovskiy

Dmitriy Razumovskiy, MBA

  • 8 years of experience in pharma, 11 years in Consulting and Project Management
  • MBA graduate of SDA Bocconi, Italy
  • Experience in managing enterprise architecture and analytical capabilities projects in Europe and Russia
  • Interestsed in operational effectiveness, data science, cycling

Company history

Idea & Prototype

Feb, 2012

Nikola Milevcic developed a business-concept to help Pharmaceutical producers in analyzing the effectivness of Markerting activities. Dmitriy Razumovskiy had realised a prototype of the service, which was later presented to the first Client of Pharmakey in Russia

#1 Tool for #1 Service

Sep, 2014

Pharmakey chooses Tableau as an analytical reporting tool, which is year over year hits top-right corner of the Gartner magical quadrant.

To help Clients in extracting the maximum value of their data, Pharmakey optimized internal processes to achieve 24h delay in data reporting, compared to typical number of 10-25 days for the industry

Services extension

Dec, 2014

Pharmakey started service Clients working in hospital segment. Offering was enhanced to include distributors data processing and to support complex transactions model.

Company has finished the year, serving 3 Clients

Geographical expansion

May, 2016

Pharmakey expands geographically to reach Clients in Italy

Service portfolio is update with market access and analytical models service

Pharmacy Chains

Key competences

  • Deep understanding of unique properties of the local markets
  • Experience of producing analytical product in multinational companies
  • Contacts with experts in pharmaceutical area and with professionals in data science
  • Professional team with an experience in data analysis and Business Intelligence
  • Significant experience in project and change management

Already use Pharmakey services

Boehringer Ingelheim
Fresenius Kabi
Reckitt Benckiser
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